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SuperNature, Singapore’s Whole Foods?

Super Nature
21 Orchard Blvd #01-21/27 (Ground Floor of Park House Bldg)
[t] 6304 1336

I realized the other day that I had an outgoing link to the SuperNature website but I’d never bought anything there. Given that I don’t generally link to things that I haven’t tried or at least gone to look at I thought I should look it up. I turns out that this is not just an online store, it’s also a large natural food store almost the size of a Whole Foods on the ground floor of a building just off Orchard Blvd. I wish they’d said that on their website a little more prominently, I’d have been over to check them out 10 months ago.

With my newfound information I set out to discover the secrets of SuperNature today and here’s what I found:

The store has two separate retail spaces. The first one I entered was nearly all bath, body and cleaning products with a sizable baby care section. Behold the mother load, they have everything here (well almost). Scanning the well stocked shelves of cleaning supplies I saw Earthwise, Planet, Ecover (in large sizes too), Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, Murchison-Hume (awesome glass bottle packaging), Maid by Nature just to name a few. The prices on some of the cleaning products are very high so be careful to check before you grab something you are used to using back home. There might be an alternative right beside it for half the price.

The options for bath and body and hair products were just as plentiful but they only had the upper end of the body care spectrum in terms of prices and you know how I feel about paying $30+ for shampoo. Also I found it very odd that they have shampoo for each product line but only a few of the conditioners. It must be a man doing the orders! Seriously, who just uses shampoo except someone with no hair?

I picked up some Floradix in the small supplement section and and a few toiletries and then the sales lady showed me the whole OTHER store on the grocery side…

The grocery store side of SuperNature has a very good produce department with better looking fruits and veggies than you’ll ever see at Cold Storage (even in the Non-organic section). They also have paper bags for things instead if plastic. There’s a large freezer and fridge section with meat, dairy, frozen foods and some convenience items. Most of it’s from California though. If you are avoiding products from areas effected by Fukushima you might want to skip that Strauss Dairy for now. I’ve read some recent reports on cows milk tested in Sonoma and it’s pretty staggering.

They have many aisles of dry goods but the items are a bit random, as if perhaps they order things that are being liquidated without knowing what they are. Not sure what their philosophy is but it was a little hard to find some of the usual staples though there were many items lined the shelves. The selection  at Brown Rice Paradise is a little easier to navigate.

The downside? Well it’s not cheaper than other organic retailers here. I thought the produce was average priced but I had to stop a few times in the dry goods section and try to remember if I could get things cheaper elsewhere. For instance I’m pretty sure organic pasta is less than $9 a bag elsewhere. That said I found it so refreshing to be able to actually grocery shop in a natural foods environment and not have to make 10 trips for each item I was willing to shell out a little more. The service here is not great. I had the cashier refuse to sell me a small perishable food item because he couldn’t scan it to get the price. [Headdesk] I waited for him to make up a price for it so I could get going but he just set it aside. If I had ever done that back in my retail days in Canada my boss would have fired me on the spot.

They have a website with fruit and veggie box delivery. It’s nicely set up but I found it was more expensive that The Organic Grocer so I’m sticking with them for now.

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